Episode 33: Do we have one true calling?

In today's episode, I'm talking about a video I watched in 2016 by Emilie Wapnicki which helped me to see how my multiple interests could be seen as a superpower!

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I discuss:

  • My backstory and how I came to find the video

  • Key vocabulary & a tiny bit of grammar!

  • What is a multipotentialite?

  • Some interesting points and quotes from the video

  • 3 superpowers of being a multipotentialite

  • What can you do to manage your life when you are one?

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The video:


dive into something - do something with lots of passion and interest

something keeps you up at night - something stops you from sleeping

figure out (phrasal verb) - to find a solution for something

come up with something (phrasal verb) - arrive at a solution especially when pressured or challenged.

take on something - to begin to have or to do something

to be scattered - to be unfocused or disorganised

innocuous question - not harmful or offensive

to pivot - to change directions (usually used to describe career changes)

out of the box thinker - to think of things from a different or new perspective

tackle something - to find a solution or do it with passion and gusto


Puttylike - Emilie Wapnick


Discussion questions

How could being a multipotentialite be an advantage to a team or project?

How could it be seen as a disadvantage and how could you overcome this?

Do you think the best teams make people who are specialised teamed up with someone who is a multipotentialite?

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