Videos and YouTube Channels for

Learning English 

Although I prefer Podcasts sometimes Video explanations are needed to help you understand a concept. I've listed some of those channels here. However, I'm more interested in sharing good resources (other than Netflix) where you can watch videos and learn interesting things at the same time. 


Learn English YouTube Channels

English like a Native 


English like a Native is my favourite youtube channel for teaching students who want to learn British English. Ana speaks clearly and about interesting topics and useful topics that English learners want to learn. 

mmmEnglish was created by Emma. An Australian who speaks clearly and cheerfully. Just like English like a native, Emma makes learning interesting and fun. She will make you want to learn English every day.  

Learn English in Context 


Aussie English YouTube Channel

TedTalks are invaluable. They come with correct transcripts and you can find so many different inspiring talks on many different subjects. 

Although the channel is made for English learners, Pete from Aussie English is very funny and makes many videos about Australian culture that are not to be missed.