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Teaching Foreign Language qualification (TEFL)

Teaching English to Young Learners 

Master of Teaching, Deakin University Melbourne  

I am a qualified Primary and Secondary School Teacher from Melbourne, Australia. I am currently living in Montpellier, France and working as an English teacher and illustrator while trying my hardest to learn and improve my French and develop my urban and travel sketching.


I have always been passionate about teaching (and learning) art and design but my teaching journey started after I began volunteering in a school. I was working with primary school-aged children. I felt like I had so much to share and teaching children was fulfilling. This experience motivated me to study teaching. After working as a Landscape Architect for 10 years, I decided I wanted to combine my passions - design, art and education and I became a teacher.   


I completed a Master of Teaching from Deakin University in 2015. After my studies, I travelled to England and taught for one year in London. Many of the children in my class spoke English as a Second Language. This experience made me more aware of the importance of adapting teaching methods to cater for different levels and interests of students. I was continually looking for ways to enable them to experience success no matter what their level.


When I returned to Australia, I worked as a relief teacher in a number of primary and secondary schools in Melbourne while also working as an Art Teacher in a private art school. Teaching in a private school enabled me to work with small groups of children. This gave me more time and energy to adapt my learning activities to be more individually focussed. Each of the students in my groups aged 6-18 was working on structured and individualised programs adapted to their different needs and learning styles. I am a firm believer in the power of individualised learning programs in order for students to develop skills in a more authentic way. 

Arty Anglais adapts a teaching methodology which strongly respects this belief. Learning should be challenging but also enjoyable.


I am very passionate about working with students of all ages - children, teenagers and adults. I'm dedicated and hardworking and my experience has allowed me to develop an understanding of successful teaching methods and a good sense of emotional and academic needs. Not only am I committed and flexible, but I also pride myself on being an excellent role model to help students meet their aspirations. I often draw upon my experience working as a Landscape Architect and freelance artist and of course a language learner in my teaching and use real-life examples and experiences to help my students.

Now being a student dedicated to learning French, I'm starting to understand the challenges associated with learning a second language. 

If you're an Architect or a Landscape Architect, as well as making the Arty Anglais podcast I'm now teaching a professional, specialised business program for Architecture professionals at ArchiEnglish.


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