Hello, I'm Tara, an English teacher in Montpellier, France.

I am also a curious and creative artist who teaches English that really will make a difference.   


What do I teach? 

English online to kids

English online to adults

English to kids and adults in Montpellier

English Language Coach to Art and Design professionals 

Free English language lessons on my English Podcast about Art. 


About the Podcast: 

The problem is, you struggle to find interesting listening material that is suitable to your level. You're tired of listening to just explantations of grammar. You're an artist, an illustrator, a creative director or a designer and you want to hear fascinating things about art, culture and design to help you improve your listening skills in English. You want to learn English in context while listening to fascinating things in the world about an industry that interests you. 


 We talk about things you are interested in and we make learning English enjoyable. We use authentic materials from internet articles, videos, magazines, books, exhibitions to create relevant listening material to help you grow your vocabulary. We talk about the topics that interest creative people like yourself and we explain the grammar in a real context.   

You'll improve your listening comprehension as you follow along to the podcast with transcripts. You'll learn about fascinating facts about art, artists, street art, creative apps for learning English, cultural events, books, living creatively and many more other subjects. If you're an ESL teacher you'll also be able to use the audio,  free transcripts, key vocabulary and discussion questions with your students.   

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How do I teach? 

At Arty Anglais, we structure a language program to help creative people reach their objectives. English is taught creatively and interactively. No matter what age, we focus on what your needs are and how they can be met. 

 We do drawing activities, play games, watch videos, sing and most of all we practice speaking.  As well as developing artistic skills, students will develop writing, speaking, listening and critical thinking skills in English. 


When I work with adults, we can develop a mix of interests and use these subjects as a basis for discussion and language learning. We will learn English by watching videos, listening and talking lots. 

If you're an artist and a visual and creative learner you'll enjoy the experience of learning English with me.

If you want to hear more, come and listen to my podcast or follow us on Instagram.  


Are you ready to learn English the fun, creative way?



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