Our Recommended Podcasts for Learning English 

As an English teacher, I'm a big believer in using Podcasts and online videos to help you improve your English. I'm also a huge advocate for Context and Language Integrated Learning where you learn a subject and a language at the same time. There is no better way to do this than to listen to a podcast. 

English podcasts made by native speakers are an excellent way to improve your comprehension quickly. If you make it a daily habit to listen to English, you'll see how rapidly you'll make progress. All the resources below are free and come with a free transcript or subtitles and are focused on you learning interesting things at the same time as learning a language (CLIL).  I update this list regularly and I am always on the lookout for Podcasts to recommend to my students. If you know of a podcast that should be on the list then let me know. 


Learn English

6 Minute English

My favourite for beginners is Learn English. It is a great podcast from the British Council. The episodes are discussion-based and they use everyday vocabulary and situations you might encounter as a beginner. Learn English also offers plenty of free support material. You'll be able to download each episode’s transcript, as well as complete short tests to see how much you have learnt. 


6 Minute English is great for beginners and intermediate learners. Each episode is only very short and teaches you all about everyday English.  It's so interesting that I even listen to it myself sometimes because the content is interesting, and the hosts speak clearly. I recommend this every one to all my students.  


Leonardo English

Arty Anglais Podcast

Leonardo English is made for people who are curious with many interests. It's called Leonard English because it is inspired by the great artist and his many skills and talents. They produce podcasts on weird and interesting subjects, ranging from the history of the English breakfast to how black holes are formed. Each podcast also comes with a transcript and key vocabulary, so it makes it much easier to follow along.


We have to mention our own podcast of course! In the Arty Anglais Podcast, we talk about different subjects related to art, history, culture and personal development. We talk to Artists and about artists; and we talk about interesting art styles, techniques and how culture influences art today. We also talk about the different things that contribute to personal development, positivity and happiness. Each episode has a transcript with a vocabulary list.  We also talk about creative ways to learn English and resources you can use. 

Intermediate - Advanced

Lukes English Podcast

Freakonomics Radio

Stuff you should know Podcast

Lukes English Podcast is made by Luke who is a qualified English language teacher and stand-up comedian. He is very funny and engaging and he tries to “make you laugh while you learn.”


Freakonomics Radio is an amazing podcast that “explores the hidden side of everything”. It is inspired by the series of Freakonomics books and is hosted by co-authors Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.  They talk about many subjects - news, pop culture and global and local political issues. 


Stuff You Should Know is an appealing podcast because it tries to provide answers to many funny, and different questions and topics. Previous areas tackled by the podcast include: “How barcodes work?”, “Fear of Public Speaking” and “How Feng  Shui Works”

Different Accents 

Aussie English

Voice of America

Aussie English Podcast (Australian English)  

Can Learn English (Canadian English)

Voice of America: Learning English  

These three different podcasts are made for learners who want to listen to English as a particular accent. On these podcasts, the hosts also talk about different cultural experiences, expressions which are common in the country and things you might expect within the daily life of each country.