Episode 23: How flow brings out your full potential

In today’s episode I’m talking about a short article I found on the BBC entitled

How flow brings our your full potential. I will read the article to you while also explaining some vocabulary and expressions. You can find it here:

You can find Vocabulary and Transcript below as well as all links mentioned in this podcast at the bottom of this post and some discussion questions if you're an ESL teacher or if you just want some prompts to practice your writing.

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bring out - to make something appear. In this context, flow 'brings out' and shows the skills you already have

mitigate (v) - reduce the effect of something

surmountable (a) - something that is achievable

sink into the moment - to be in a state of flow with no distractions

convoluted (a) - extremely complex and difficult to follow

conducive (a) - making a certain situation or outcome likely or possible.

daunting (a) - difficult, intimidating or challenging

Somewhat (adv) - to a moderate extent or by a moderate amount

to stretch you - make you work harder and to make maximum use of your talents or abilities

Idioms and expressions that suggest you’re in a state of flow:

Getting into the zone

Knuckle down

Put your head down

Get stuck into something

Throw yourself into something

Put your heart and soul into something

Stick your nose into something

Go the extra mile - to do more than you expected


Discussion questions

1. According to Herbert Benson, What are the four stages of flow?

2. Is your leisure time more precious than money?

3. Do you find it easy to eliminate distractions? Do you ever engage in fake flow? Explain why fake flow is bad.

4. What type of environment is conducive to finding your flow?

5. Write a sentence with 5 of the idioms or expressions that suggest being in a state of flow.



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