Episode 19: A project of peace painted across 50 buildings. A project by artist elSeed.

Today on the Arty Anglais Podcast I’m going to talk about a TEDTalk I saw recently which was from 2016 called: A project of Peace painted across 50 buildings.

Watch the Video here:

Key video vocabulary and transcript below.

Vocabulary in the Video:

Anamorphic - Relating to producing different optical imaging effects or illusions. He created an anamorphic piece which means he painted several different buildings so that when the builds are viewed from far away or a vantage point it creates one big image. It’s an optical illusion that looks different from far away compared to close up.

unity - coming together as a whole. For example, all the buildings come together to create one image. The people also come together as a community.

Perceive something - verb to be aware of something or come to realise something in a different way.

Perception - noun - is the way you think about something, your ideas based on your experience and background.

neglected - suffering or lack of proper care

Isolated - far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote.

The key person of the project - the main person who allowed the project to happen

The project moved him - to emotionally affect someone so strongly.

Open a dialogue - start talking about a sensitive issue or to start talking about something

To relate to something - mean to feel connected to someone or something because you might share similar interests or experiences

To put yourself in someone’s shoes - to see something from their point of view

Discussion Questions:

1. What’s the difference between

Live from the garbage

Live in the garbage

2. What is the difference between

‘shining light on something’ and

‘bringing light to someone or something

3. If you want to see the real person maybe you should change your angle. What does this mean? Why did he say this?

4. Do you think the artist thought the finished product was more important or the journey? Why?

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