Episode 29: How to be a better designer (and language learner) by noticing more

In today's episode, I'm talking about the secret of being a better designer - by noticing more.

This is based on a video I watched by Tony Fadell: The First Secret of Design is Noticing. I really liked a lot of what he said so I'm going to discuss some of the things he talked about in relation to being a good designer but also how you can take some of the things he discussed can also apply to your language learning.

In the Video Tony talks about three important things and I'm going to talk about them with some examples

  1. Habits and how sometimes they stop us from noticing things

  2. Looking broader

  3. Thinking younger

7 expressions with notice:

can't help but notice - said when something is too obvious and very noticeable.

come to attention - to enter into someone's awareness - just noticed

sit up and take notice - to be aware and give your complete attention to something

take notice of something - make a conscious effort to be aware of something

at a moment's notice - with little time to prepare

at short notice - at the last minute

to look out for something - pay attention to something specific


Next Episode: My top 5 favourite buildings & My top 5 favourite parks that I have visited and why I like them

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