Episode 24: Does being bilingual make you more creative?

In today’s episode I’m talking about a short article from Kaplan international entitled: Does being bilingual make you more creative?

What do you think? I'm certain it does.

You can find Vocabulary and Transcript below as well as all links mentioned in this podcast at the bottom of this post and some discussion questions if you're an ESL teacher or if you just want some prompts to practice your writing.

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opens up your life/world - makes you more flexible in thinking

more scope - more opportunities

nowadays - at the present time, compared to the past

originality - the quality of being special of different


Discussion questions:

In what ways does being bilingual make you more creative?

Are you more creative in your first language or in English?

What do you think the idiom - to speak the same language means?

Do you think that being bilingual changes how creative you are in your first language?

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