7 Fun and easy ways to learn English 

Learning English (or any language really) takes hard work. It can be frustrating and boring, particularly if you don’t feel like you are making any significant progress and you're sick of learning all the grammar rules. The rules for using the language are important, however, do you know what is the most important rule in language learning? 

Number 1 rule for learning english
Enjoy learning

Yep, you guessed it - to enjoy learning! The best way to break up to the routine of learning is to try and do things you like outside of the classroom or reading the books. But we also need to stay motivated! Sometimes we might feel like we are failing and it would be better to give up. Reaching your highest potential is about looking for ways to keep yourself motivated.  See the video to see what I mean!  

The best way to break up to the routine of learning and to stay motivated is to try and do things you like outside of the classroom. Here are our top 7 tips for learning English with fun.  


I recently came across the youtube channel called Real English for Gamers on their YouTube channel you'll find lots of videos and expressions being used in the world of online video games. If you love playing video games why not learn English while you're playing them! I play games with all my children learners online also. I love Myfreezoo , Minecraft  and Hangman just to name a few of my favourites. I can ask so many comprehension questions while playing these games and test spelling and pronunciation. It's so effective, sometimes the children don't even realise they are learning. 

Speaking of games, change the language on your phone into English. You'll enjoy reading the weather every day in English and seeing the days on the top of your screen. You'll be learning every day without even doing anything. 


Shayda Campbell does some excellent tutorials on how to paint almost anything as simple watercolour paintings. Equally, Proko is another channel that features Stan Prokopenko and many other artists who do demos and tutorials so you'll hear many different accents and all about different art methods and styles. I also have great success with recommending online classes with Skillshare. 


This seems like a fairly straight forward task but in a foreign language, frankly, I find it long and tedious. I started using ReadLang recently for my French learning and all I can say is where has this been all my life! You can read any content of the language you are trying to learn. Browser extensions allow reading or importing of almost any website or you can copy and paste text to read almost any digital text you can get your hands on, even entire novels. If you don't know a word you can click on it and it will translate in real-time. This is pure gold when it comes to language learning! Thank you, Steve Rideout (developer of ReadLang).  

Another one I use and recommend to my students is ReadTheory. It's a good way to sharpen up your reading skills while learning some interesting facts about things around the world. 

4. JOIN ONLINE COMMUNITIES - chats - discord servers 

Chat rooms and discussions are not a thing of the past I assure you. There are a number of places you can go online to get help with your English in a fun way. 

You can try the English Learning Community on Reddit  or find any subject area that interests you - comics, movies, films, places, tourism. You can find anything! 

If you're new age and a gamer, you probably know about Discord. You can find a number of different channels for English learning here. 



Everyone will tell you to watch movies and Netflix. While I recommend movies and Netflix, I would suggest you watch shorter videos more often. You'll find so many videos on YouTube including video clips from television series. I'm always more inclined to suggest shorter videos that contain the 'real English' we speak. Type in Vlog + any subject and you'll find a video on almost anything. The positive is you'll have access to subtitles. For me, TedTalks are gold especially as a way to stimulate interesting discussion around many different interesting subjects. The platform is being updated all the time so there is always new and interesting content. 

I will never stop talking about how good Podcasts are. Of course, you should listen to mine but also I have made some recommendations for others here. The point of the Arty Anglais podcast is to listen to English for pleasure by listening to interesting topics. I try to keep the grammar and 'lessons' to a minimum because I'm more passionate about keeping you interested for as long as possible. So even though I recommend you use Podcasts for learning grammar and expressions too, try and find material that isn't going to eventually become tedious and boring. 

6. use English cookbooks and cook something delicious

What a great way to learn all that vocabulary that you need on a daily basis. I couldn't think of anything better cooking a cake, learning a language and eating the cake at the end! That's called 'having your cake and eating it too! 

I recommend you use Podcasts for learning grammar and expressions too, try and find material that isn't going to eventually become tedious and boring. 



Signing might not be for everyone but you can still give it a go. I use Karaoke videos on YouTube and Lyrics training app to learn French songs for my choir. It might not make you fluent but if you enjoy it then why not? 

Have any other ideas for learning English in a fun way? Tell me what you think and send me an email.